Flu Season

There will be a slow pace here for a few days while I’m getting over a case of flu.

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6 thoughts on “Flu Season

  1. I’m genuinely sorry to read that you’re ill. I hope that whether it’s seasonal flu or The Dreaded Swine Flu, that the case is mild and that it doesn’t rage through your family but stays isolated.

    Feel free to visit Marty Cantor, though. He gets so lonely and needs lots of company, even of the sneezing, coughing kind. Especially of the sneezing, coughing kind. After all, the burning haze of tobacco smoke which surrounds him will protect him from the virus. Right?

  2. Thanks for the good wishes everyone. And David — I’ve selfishly kept it all to me so far!

  3. Oh, you are selfish! Bad Mike, keeping all of those delicious viral particles to yourself!

    More seriously, I’m glad for your family. Sarcasm aside, I wouldn’t wish it on Marty Cantor, either. Take a good multi-vitamin daily, extra vitamin C and zinc, and drink whatever sort of tea makes you feel better. Stay hydrated and rest as best you can, and remember that people out in the hinterlands love you.

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