For the Record, It’s the Hyatt Regency

Writing about Chicago in 2012’s pulp magazines made me realize I never followed up the story I wrote before the Worldcon promising they’d announce the name of the facility they panned to use if they win. They did, and most of you know it already, just the same I’ll let myself be guided by the principle that every story is news to someone.

If Chicago gets the 2012 Worldcon, they’ll bring it back to the Hyatt Regency. The committee got bids from two major hotels, researched the supplemental facilities that might be needed in either case, and had long, detailed internal discussions before choosing the Hyatt.  The hotel has hosted three Worldcons before, a fact that made the bidders honestly more willing to look another facility: if they found something they liked better that would help convince fans they’re not resting on their laurels. However, the renovated and expanded Hyatt is a fine place to hold a Worldcon and I applaud their choice.

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