Fur the ‘More Bans Unnamed Individual

The board of directors of the Mid-Atlantic Anthropomorphic Association, Inc. released a statement today about action taken to remove a member during Fur the ‘More, a furry-themed convention held March 10-13 in Arlington, VA.

The statement is a follow-up to yesterday’s tweet:

A Twitter thread of speculative discussion about why the unnamed subject was banned starts here.

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5 thoughts on “Fur the ‘More Bans Unnamed Individual

  1. Honestly, after the Worldcon case, we won’t be seeing any explicit statements in the near future or possibly ever.

    So fair enough.

  2. That’s how I encountered the story, in fact, somebody linked to 770’s story about the $100K Worldcon 76 spent defending JDA’ssuit.

  3. @Cat: I strongly suspect that “legal-fur” just means “member of the furry community who is also a lawyer”

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