George Brickner (1952-2010)

George Brickner

Chicago area fan George Brickner reportedly died over the weekend. While the cause of death has yet to be reported, he publicly shared on his blog in April 2009 that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer and wrote often about his treatment and health.

George, also known as Dupa T. Parrot, was one of the most amusing and popular members of Compuserve’s Science Fiction forums, where I got to know him in the mid-1990s.   

A devoted cat owner, George was active online in The Pets Forums and through that message board friends learned of his passing after police called a member listed in George’s cell phone as they attempted to notify relatives.

[Via Wilma Fisher.]

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2 thoughts on “George Brickner (1952-2010)

  1. I will miss George. I’ve only known him online but he was one of the Good People. I am saddened by his death; the world seems a little colder and a little darker.

    Go in peace, George. I know you were an atheist, but I hope you are with the original Dupa Parrot, Basil, Baldric, and all the pets you loved that went before you, who loved you back.

  2. He was a fun guy who was gentle and kind in many of his posts online. He posted fascinating science and technology items which were always a joy to look at and investigate. I will miss his posts and I will miss him. I know he is traveling to the stars.

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