Getting Better on August 9

Got to check with a short post. Infection is much0 much better. My Kindle typo rate is still about 79% so I must leave things as that for today. Thanks for your fantastic care ane suppo.

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175 thoughts on “Getting Better on August 9

  1. Hampus: Jeppson’s particular blend was so bitter that after having a taste, a judge ruled it could be sold during Prohibition, when all recreational alcohol sales were banned. No one would consume it for anything other than medicinal purposes. 😉

    It is a Chicago interpretation of traditional Swedish Malört, and is kind of infamous among booze connoisseurs.

    I rather like bitter things, and agree that there’s something kind of appealing about it. But there is an unfortunate burnt shag carpet aftertaste that lingers…

  2. I disappear for a couple of weeks and you pull this?! o_O

    Miss the Pixel Scrolls, Mike, but you take care of you. Speedy recovery!

  3. From Mike: I’m still in the hospital. All the things that put me here are just about gone. Thanks to all for your encouragement.

  4. I hope that means you’re getting sprung soon! [looks around] [makes Chinese food carton footstool for pizza box throne] (There, he won’t notice a thing!)

  5. @JKT
    Thanks for the encouraging update.

    Yay to getting better Mike. Keep up the good healing work. Hope you go home soon. Being back in your own bed is the best.

    Milt clean up the chicken salad mess.

  6. “Getting better on August 9th.” Gosh, Mike it’s waaaaay past the 9nth. Get better already!

  7. I’ve been offline for a while and had missed all this. So glad Mike is doing better!

  8. Ditto for this moose: far too busy trying to move house.

    Best wishes to Mike for a speedy recovery: you’re an international treasure, you know!

  9. Awright, someone call Guinness and ask for delivery and also if they have a record for the size of a pizza box throne. We gotta get this documented before Mike comes back.

  10. I’ve been out of the loop all August and just missed the beginning of the Mike Got Sick saga. Still catching up on the 8/1/2016 thread, but I got the gist that “feeling under the weather” turned into “hospitalized and not going to WorldCon” and sad days ensued.

    Glad to hear you’re getting better and hope you’re able to go home soon and we will all be able to rejoice that “Mike’s in his pixel, all’s right with the scroll”.

  11. Just adding my best wishes for your recovery, Mr Glyer. Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  12. Soon Lee on August 15, 2016 at 12:50 am said:
    *sotto voce* Umm, guys, the shoggoths have made another mess in the kitchen. What should I do?
    Oooo, i got it! You know that sofa of pizza boxes we made? Disassemble it, fill the boxes with Shi…-ggoth, reassemble it out on the curb, and place a “Free” sign on it. Poor college kids in need of free furniture will take it away!

    By the time Mike gets back it’ll all be gone and he’ll never know…

  13. Shhh! Nobody tell him about the shoggoths and the crottled greeps and the pizza boxes…..

    Umm, anybody know how to get gnurrs back into the voodvork?

  14. Long time lurker, occasional poster sending best wishes in recovery to Mike on top of everyone elses!

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