GoFundMe To Help David Alexander McDonald Move

Arizona writer and composer David Alexander McDonald is having to move for the reasons given below and needs help with covering the expenses. A friend has started a GoFundMe appeal for donations at “Moving Costs for David”.

McDonald told File 770 about himself and what’s happening:

I’m legally still Steven E. McDonald, which I maintained due to it being a known byline (plus Jim Frenkel threatened to kneecap if I buried it.) I’m also David Alexander McDonald, composer/musician, veteran of the Cassette Underground and known in ambient music, and occasionally in industrial (I’ve appeared on charity albums several times recently.)

As an SF writer I’ve not been that prolific, with just a few novels, shorter works, and poems to my name (plus several million words of music writing.) 

Anyway, to cut to it…someone in the management company that owns the building I’m about to not be living in has taken a dislike to me, partly over my owning a lot of books and music (go figure, why would anyone do that?) and fired off a non-renewal notice. No explanation at the time; it’s all been scrambling after the fact, much of it contradictory. Meanwhile, I’m on a fixed income, using a payee, and finding a place has been impossible because as soon as these landlords realize you’re not hauling in 3x the rent it’s instant rejection.

So, I’m going to need to put things in storage for a time. I have a place to crash, but it’s in Bisbee, quite some distance from Tucson, where I currently live. The ongoing expenses should be covered, and it’s likely I can get into subsidized housing.

But meanwhile I need money to pay for movers, for shuttles to Tucson for medical appointments (right now we’re trying to figure out if I really have cancer, and if I have an aortic aneurysm brewing, plus deal with dermatitis and my eyes.) 

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