Good Housekeeping Lists Rosalyn Yalow

Good Housekeeping’s May 2010 issue continues the year-long celebration of the magazine’s 125th anniversary with an article featuring “125 Women Who Changed Our World.”

Michele Obama, who also appears on the cover, is joined by women from all fields including astronaut Sally Ride, cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova and Nobel laureate Rosalyn Yalow.

[Thanks to Diana Glyer for the story.]

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4 thoughts on “Good Housekeeping Lists Rosalyn Yalow

  1. How about in the way she convinced how many young girls that “someone like them” could become First Lady?

    Also: terrorist fist bump swept the nation.

  2. Saw an article last year that claimed that the terrorist fist bump had its roots in the Wonder Twins.

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