Gorilla Makes a Point

Things got a little exciting at the Calgary Zoo for a moment when somebody left a knife in the gorilla enclosure:

[Officials] say the knife-wielding primate photographed by visitors to the Calgary Zoo had no violent intent. The photos show a gorilla, named Barika, clutching the blade and pointing it at another gorilla in her cage.

The knife was accidently left behind by a keeper who entered the enclosure to prepare food, Cathy Gaviller, the zoo’s director of conservation, education and research said Wednesday. Within minutes of picking up the blade, Barika placed it on a chair and all of the gorillas were called out of the enclosure, Gaviller said.

While gorillas will use crude tools in captivity, they have no concept of using weapons and would never have thought to be violent with the knife, Gaviller said.

“Okay, whoever wrote the last paragraph has never seen 2001: A Space Odyssey,” comments David Klaus.

[Thanks to David Klaus for the story.]

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One thought on “Gorilla Makes a Point

  1. Only if there’s also a black monolith in the vicinity. Anybody seen a black monolith? I knew I had a black monolith around here somewhere. Who was that monolith I saw you with?

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