Greg McMullan (1963-2008)

Greg McMullan died in a fire at his Central Virginia home on January 28. He is survived by Maya, his wife of seven years, and his stepdaughter Faeryn, who both were out of the house at the time. McMullan was a popular member of the filk community, which has rallied around Maya and is collecting donations to help her recover from losing nearly everything in the tragedy.



Update 12/5/2008: Corrected location of home, per Maya’s comment.

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One thought on “Greg McMullan (1963-2008)

  1. One small correction to this post – our home was in Central Virginia.

    Now, more importantly, thank you so very much to everyone who has reached out to us with emotional and financial support since the fire. I don’t know how I would have made it this far without the love and support of all of Greg’s friends, who have become my friends as well.

    Thank you all.

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