Hamilton Sci-Fi Music Parodies

By Daniel P. Dern: In addition to this one listed in a recent Scroll —

  • Luke the Son of Anakin (Star Wars + Hamilton Parody)

— there’s no shortage of other Hamilton-ized f&sf musical numbers, like

  • “(I Am Not Throwing Away) My Spock”

(Which has a surprising amount of plot detailing from a 2009 Star Trek movie.)

  • “THE DOCTOR” Hamilton Style Song Parody (Doctor Who: A Gallifreyan

(And while we’re momentarily on a Doctor Who tangent, there’s also this Dr Who/Rocky Horror “Let’s Do The Time Warp Again.” Lots of great cosplay and dancing!)

  • Harry Potter/Hamilton Parodies: 10 Dual Commandments

(Which is a number from the Fairly Potter Musical.)

SYFY Wire introduces the next one in its post “Thanos won’t throw away his snap in new Hamilton parody mash-up”.

Check out Thanos singing his own version of “My Shot,” which was originally sung from the point of view of Hamilton. In this version, Thanos is once again trying to justify his plan to eliminate half the population.

Not only do we finally see Thanos rapping (which you know you wanted), but we also get to hear the inner monologue he had throughout the events of Infinity War. Who knew he actually had Hamilton stuck in his head just like the rest of us?

  • “Thanilton” (animated) “Not Throwing Away My Snap”

There are other Avenger/Hamiltons, like —

  • (Weird Al’s) The Hamilton Polka – The Avengers (Al’s song, Avengers video footage)

And —

Plus this one which I believe was previously in a scroll:

And lastly, a somewhat disappointing “Green Eggs & Hamilton”

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4 thoughts on “Hamilton Sci-Fi Music Parodies

  1. Daniel: Thanks very much for these, I don’t know what the Avengers clips have to do with Weird Al’s parody but a little Weird Al ALWAYS brightens the day.

    I was interested enough in the “Hillywood Show” to see their Sherlock parody which is less interesting even if Hilly Hindi is made up to look like Cumberbatch AND they have a cameo by Steven Moffat. But then I don’t particularly like Sherlock!

  2. The Hillywood Show Doctor Who parody was amazing. They put a lot of work into that.

  3. I gave my 5-year old grandchildren a set of the “Women of NASA” Lego figures, which they put together. My grandson now takes the Lego figure of the lead software engineer for the Apollo mission, and walks around with her singing (in the appropriate tune):
    “Margaret Hamilton,
    Her name is Margaret Hamilton” 🙂

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