Happy Birthday, Harlan Ellison

Celebrate the natal day of Harlan Ellison, born May 27, 1934 in Cleveland, Ohio. I wonder if his birthday cake has a discreet half dozen candles like mine does nowadays, or if he torches the cake with all the candles he’s entitled to?

Ryan Britt posted a highly readable tribute to Ellison in honor of his birthday at Tor.com

But maybe you’re a newcomer to the world of SF and you’re not quite sure where Harlan Ellison fits in. Perhaps you’re more familiar with the reputation than the work. How should you approach the oeuvre of Ellison without being overwhelmed? Today, on his birthday, I’d like to give Ellison newcomers three different ways to approach his work, which will instantly help you to understand his importance, and probably turn you into a fan.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Harlan Ellison

  1. A day late, but Happy Birthday to Harlan. And to Christopher Lee, and to Vincent Price, all of whom share the same birthday. (Peter Cushing’s was the day before.)

  2. Hallmark sells a birthday card which shows on the outside the Grim Reaper holding a cake with a forest fire of candles on it. Inside it says “You can run, but you cannot hide.”

  3. And I can still remember reading an editorial in Algol by Andy Porter wondering if science fiction could survive Harlan Ellison turning forty.

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