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Laura Bradley’s “Cosmic Question: What Color Is Marty McFly’s Vest” for NPR violates every tenet of modern blogging – she seeks objective evidence and when she finds that it trumps her opinion, publicly changes her mind! This has never happened before, let alone in connection with such a geek-worthy question as “What color is Marty McFly’s Vest in Back to the Future?”

Bradley discovered the internet abounds with photos of Michael J. Fox’s character in his sleeveless shell jacket – yet no two are exactly the same shade of red. Or is that orange? She averaged five samples using Photoshop to come up with a preliminary answer.

Then, she called the movie’s costume designer. And discovered her first answer was wrong, wrong, wrong!

But I think it only fair to Bradley that I leave you in suspense, and make you read her post to get the final verdict.

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