Harry Erwin Dies

Harry Erwin, scientist, fan and filker, has passed away reports Jerry Pournelle on Chaos Manor. Erwin was one of Chaos Manor’s most faithful and avidly read letterhacks.

Erwin’s contributions to the sf field, according to his website, included organizing the re-publication of James H. Schmitz’s works (“I didn’t do the editing; instead I kept the team functioning and introduced Eric Flint and Guy Gordon to each other”).

He held a Ph.D. and worked in the computer science field. Until 2001 he was an adjunct professor in the Department of Computer Science at GMU. At times he was chief engineer for a major USMC command and control system and the security architect for the US Treasury Communications System.

Pournelle regrets that they never got to meet in person.

Jerry’s comment reminds me anew how lucky I was to discover sf fandom early enough that it was still possible to meet or see nearly everyone whose work had been important to me. The main exceptions were E.E. Smith and John W. Campbell — although thanks to Campbell’s inexhaustible willingness to correspond with practically anybody he and I did become acquainted by mail.