He Built Another Crooked House

“Superb Location!!! Historic home built by noted science fiction author Robert Heinlein sits on a quiet 1.5 acre lot,” begins the ad. Yes, right now you can buy Heinlein’s old house in Colorado Springs. Or at least the address.

The question of the moment is whether the house at 1776 Mesa offered for $650,000 truly is the “historic home built by…Heinlein”? Did later owners make too many changes?

Jerry Pournelle at Chaos Manor looked over the photos and concluded, “Everything seems to have been rebuilt, and Heinlein’s bedroom/office/bathroom suite seems to have been torn out and rebuilt.”

Jeff Duntemann also doubts much of the house remains as Heinlein envisioned, while a fan commenting on his blog heard from a subsequent owner that the first floor was “still the basic house Robert had built. The second story and the decks, she said, had been built over and around it.” And the bomb shelter is still there.

[Via Chaos Manor]

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4 thoughts on “He Built Another Crooked House

  1. That is so great! I’m so glad you keep Mimosa online, those issues are full of gold.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I only see the first five paragraphs of Bruce’s article at Rich’s site, and it cuts off here: “And, of course, we inqu”

    Remodeled, or not, it would still be pretty damn cool to own RAH’s former house.

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