How To Add Identifications to Jay Kay Klein’s Digitized Photos

Two Eaton archivists studying a Klein shipment.

Since last week, when the California Digital Library and the UC Riverside Library made available online nearly 6,000 photos taken by Jay Kay Klein at eight Worldcons in the Sixties, fans have voiced concerns that the names of the people in most of these pictures are not been included, and that many of the existing identifications are wrong.

J.J. Jacobson, the UC Riverside Library’s Jay Kay and Doris Klein Librarian for Science Fiction, has now announced a way for everyone  to give their input.

Here’s how to tell us what you want us to know about the Jay Kay Klein Photographs now up on Calisphere

  1. Go to the Klein Papers on Calisphere:
  2. Find a photo about which you have information
  3. Create a post here [on the Eaton Collection’s Facebook page] with that photo’s URL — (Example:
  4. Tell us what you know about the image: what, who, where, when
  5. Discuss

[Note: Jacobson is a different person than File 770’s JJ.]

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4 thoughts on “How To Add Identifications to Jay Kay Klein’s Digitized Photos

  1. Facebook. They’re still clueless, I see. Most of those able to identify the people in the photos because they were there are old and aren’t on Facebook. An em,ail address they could mail this information to would be a lot more useful.

  2. Facebook actually seems to be pretty popular with old folks–possibly more so than with the young, these days. At least, I have more FB friends from my parents’ generation than from the generation after me–and I was at the ’68 Worldcon (as a kid).

    Astrid Bear and Dave Nee (of The Other Change of Hobbit), among others, have been actively working to contact people on (and off) FB to get identifications.

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