Ink Stained Wretches

Experts tell me giant squid stories attract readers and since I don’t have anyone to forward these to anymore it is my duty to see you are not deprived of hearing that the Giant Humboldt squid have moved into the waters off Southern California.

Did you know these remarkable creatures can grow as long as six feet and weigh up to 100 pounds? And they’re a relatively new treat for local fishermen, for giant squid were once found primarily off South America but have slowly expanded their territory.

Anglers from all over Southern California are crowding area landings for a chance to fish for the giant squid, which are reportedly a lot of fun to catch and put up quite a fight when boated, usually dousing those nearby with gallons of cold seawater and/or ink.

“The fishing was squidtastic!” said Michael Gannon, of San Clemente, who was aboard the Clemente out of Dana Wharf on Sunday. “My arms are about to fall off because the squid are so huge and put up such a fight.”

Reportedly giant squid can launch themselves from the water and glide through the air to escape predators. Just don’t ask me why that works. How far can a 100-pound squid fly? Why wouldn’t a shark or whatever is chasing the squid notice a huge splash a few yards away when it lands back in the ocean?

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