It’s All in the Elbows

BookViewCafe’s Jennifer Stevenson made the roster of flat-track roller derby’s Haymarket Rioters, farm team of Chicago’s Windy City Rollers. Don’t look for her under her own name, though. Jennifer skates as “Flash Hottie.” Like everyone else in the league, she uses what I might call a nom de roulette.

The BookViewCafe newsletter ran Jennifer’s comments on the way this experience has shaped her writing:

The book I’m working on now is about roller derby, of course. Maybe because I scare the crap out of myself on skates three times a week, I’ve been going for the jugular in this MS more than I used to. The scenes are tighter. The emotion is more intense. My heroine may be more of a drama queen than past heroines, but she’s entitled: her world could end any minute, in every single chapter.    

Update 03/06/2009: You can view BVC’s February newsletter with the complete Stevenson article and a color photo of Flash Hottie if you register free at BookViewCafe.

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