James T. Kirk Health Update

No, this story isn’t about the character, it’s about the Southern California fan who took that name and later appeared in the movie Trekkies.

He has not passed away, as rumored, however he did have a life-threatening emergency and faces a long recovery. Joe Kerezman posted on Facebook:

“I have some Jim Kirk news. He is alive. and on the mend. He was apparently hit by a car back in June, both legs broken and a traumatic head injury, was in a coma for over 2 months, is in rehab currently and moving to a group home on Monday. More details as I have them.”

Back in the Seventies when the fan adopted Kirk’s name he also rode around town in a van styled like the shuttlecraft Galileo.

All good wishes to Kirk for regaining his health.

2 thoughts on “James T. Kirk Health Update

  1. I must have first met Jim when I was literally a kid back in the ’70s (and it’s interesting to note that he appears in some of the extended news coverage and mini-documentaries of the TREK fan phenomenon of that era as well).

    I ran into him quite a bit on the convention circuit of the mid/late 1980s and there-amidst thousands of those who loved what Jim cherished, he could be the most pleasant of fellows, and–eccentricity of name change aside!–a fun guy to chat with.

    All of which is really just to say, if anyone’s in touch with Jim, please send him, or email him, my best.

    I miss those days, on days, at times, nowadays…

    (And also fun to note Jim’s legacy in thousands of TREK fans’ homes. He could be a rather talented prop builder/replicator, and made many phasers and communicators and even a tricorder or two, from the original series. In many ways, these items–as well as those made by others of the era–were kind of a living science fiction art.)

    Jim Burns


  2. Hope he doesn’t expect to take his final bow someday by being blown out of spaceship into the vacuum

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