Jay Lake Update

The fundraiser to defray Jay Lake’s expenses while he’s in an NIH trial has topped its goal of $15,000. His fans and friends have pledged $16,433 at this writing. NIH funds the trial anticancer treatment procedure, but Jay has other support expenses to cover.

Jay had surgery on January 23. The purpose of the procedure is explained here.

Jay’s report on the surgery is here. It includes this comment about the unexpected benefit of the genome sequencing done last year –

The doctors also mentioned the Whole Genome Sequencing data has been very helpful in refining cell selection, with improved chances of good treatment outcomes. As Dr. Klebanoff explained, they would not normally have sufficient lead time to do such a study before beginning the TIL cell therapy. They’re quite excited about having this data to guide their work.

A picture of Jay in the ICU, taken by his dad, is here.

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