Jerry Weist Medical News

When Jerry Weist e-mailed his client list in March about a new e-Bay auction he also shared the latest information about his cancer treatment, reports the Scoop.

…Weist told his email client list that this will be his last eBay auction prior to entering a stem-cell transplant procedure later this Spring/Summer to fight cancer.

“Many of you have sent your thoughts on my cancer,” he wrote. “I’m extremely grateful to have such a great client base. Right now I am half way through. All soft tumors are cured, my doctors are working on a new chemo (Cytoxin) to get my bone marrow count down so that I may enter stem-cell transplant, so hang in there with me! I may yet survive this battle. I may enter stem cell in May or June!”

Weist is the author of Bradbury: An Illustrated Life, The Comic Art Price Guide, and The Art of Frank R. Paul. From 1990 to 2001 he was a consultant at Sotheby’s specializing in popular culture, overseeing the auction of Sam Moskowitz’s collection.

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