Jury Convicts Clark Rockefeller

Christian Gerhartsreiter, aka Clark Rockefeller, has been sentenced to four to five years in a Massachusetts prison after being found guilty of kidnapping his daughter.

The jury returned its verdict on Friday, June 12, ending 26-1/2 hours of deliberations over five days. The jury also found him guilty of assault and battery with a deadly weapon on a social worker. They rejected his insanity defense, but found him not guilty on two lesser charges.

After the conclusion of the hearing, the jurors returned and gave a joint statement:

“This was a complicated case, and not as clear-cut as it might have seemed to those who followed it in the media,” the jurors’ statement said.

“We are confident that our verdict is fair and just, and based only on the information we were legally allowed to consider,” it continued. “Our verdict is a unanimous one, as the law requires, and all of us stand by the verdict completely. “

The jurors said the terse statement was their final word on the case. They did not take questions.

When Gerhartsreiter completes his sentence, he faces removal from the country by immigration authorities.

A grand jury in Los Angeles is continuing to investigate his possible role in the 1985 disappearance and deaths of John and Linda Sohus, two LASFS members. The LA Times had speculated that if Gerhartsreiter was found not guilty of kidnapping, local authorities might be forced to file charges before he could be deported. Now LA authorities will not be compelled to take urgent action.

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