Kramer Fights Extradition

Ed Kramer is fighting extradition to Georgia. His public defender in Connecticut, Ken Bunker, contested Georgia’s bid to have him returned at an October 27 hearing.

“He has every right to contest the process,” Bunker said. “Most people waive their right to contest extradition. Waiving means they are giving up their rights. All he is doing is not [giving up his rights].”

If Kramer wins, then Georgia’s efforts to bring him back will have failed, said Kevin Russo, a prosecutor for the State of Connecticut.

Kramer is presently free on bond after being charged by Milford, CT authorities with risk of injury to a child, a felony. He had been caught staying in a motel room with a 14-year-old boy.

The charges in Connecticut carry a maximum 10-year sentence, those in Georgia a maximum 60-year sentence, reports the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

[Thanks to Nancy Collins for the story.]