Kramer Pleads Guilty

Ed Kramer has pleaded guilty to charges of molesting three boys reports Reuters.

In a plea deal entered on the opening day of trial, Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter recommended a 20-year sentence, five years in custody and the balance on parole.  

The time in custody will be served under house arrest due to Kramer’s medical condition. As he will be credited for 26 months already spent in custody, his confinement will last only 34 more months. He will be permitted to leave home for religious services, medical appointments, legal appointments and for grocery shopping.

Kramer agreed to pay $100,000 restitution to each of the three victims. And the court ordered him not to have any contact with anyone under the age of 16.

The District Attorney told the press he agreed to the plea so Kramer’s victims would not have to testify.

Two of the three victims did address the court, reports Atlanta TV station WXIA:

The first said his wife had been wonderful through the process.

“I realized, it is paralyzing,” the man said. “I just want to let the court and Ed know that even now it is something I fight with.”

The second victim said he was happy that Porter continued to pursue charges against Kramer over the years.

“I don’t know what to say. I’m glad Mr. Porter never stopped trying,” he said. “It’s amazing to finally have some type of closure. I’m glad I get to move on.”

Kramer will be registered as a sex offender, and due to his lack of a criminal record prior to this point, will be considered a first offender.

Officials said Kramer would remain in custody until electronic monitoring is set up in his home.

8 thoughts on “Kramer Pleads Guilty

  1. For those reading this who might be angry about Ed Kramer’s sweet, sweet deal with Gwinnett County re his crimes against children, please read the following (excerpted from the AJC):

    ‘Porter added that Gwinnett County has already spent $300,000 on Kramer’s medical care while he was in custody, which will now end.

    He said he still considers Kramer a threat to children and expects a “miraculous recovery” of his debilitating medical ailments.

    Porter also doubted whether Kramer would meet all the conditions of the deal.

    “It would not surprise me to see him back in court in 90 or 120 days; then he’s looking at a probation revocation,” he added.

    Porter said if that happens, Kramer could end up facing up to a full 60 YEAR PRISON SENTENCE.’ (emphasis mine)
    Believe me, Ed Kramer will end up violating his house arrest & parole. He can’t NOT fuck it up for himself. History has proven this to be true time and again. He violated his bond in 2000 by having a boy in his house while under house arrest, and did it again in CT in 2011, when he was found alone with a 14 year old boy in a motel room. He might be ‘smart’, but like all pedophiles, he always makes “need-based mistakes”, ie thinks with his dick.

  2. Let’s hope he screws himself as soon as possible. This evil bastard deserves to spend the rest of his life in a real prison.

  3. Add me to the outraged. A ridiculously generous agreement that allows him to go back to the comfortable status he had /before/ the trial, and lets him serve an effective sentence of just five years. The reason he got arrested in 2011 was because he couldn’t help himself and was grooming another 14 year old boy in Connecticut. Standard pedophile MO; befriend the mother, go after the kid. How anyone can think Kramer will be “rehabilitated” in just 5 years, assuming he even manages to abide by the terms of his house arrest, is beyond me.

    Fortunately.. or unfortunately… the man just can’t help himself, and I can’t wait to see the guy get arrested again for his inevitable violation of the terms of his imprisonment, hopefully something serious enough that it means he does hard time, but not so serious that another kid gets raped. But if that happens, it’ll the Gwinnett County DA’s fault for cutting the sweetest deal a serial pedophile ever got from a United States DA and a US court.

  4. While I fully expect Ed to violate the conditions of his house arrest/parole, I am hoping he does not. Here in Atlanta, every time he makes the news the report starts with “Founder of DragonCon”, and follows that with images of costumers. Fandom is suffering a ‘guilt by association’ in the media because of this. I think that Ed was inclined to make a plea because of the DragonCon buyout. Without the constant flow of cash, he can’t afford more legal fees that a drawn out trial would result in. I’m sure Ed was prepared to make the courtroom a nightmare with health-related stalling tactics, had he the financial resources to do so. If (or probably when) he violates the plea agreement, there will be real closure, since 60 years in prison will keep him out of trouble AND the news.

  5. Tough shit. Fandom isn’t suffering guilt from association with Kramer, Dragoncon is. And Dragoncon will just have to get used to the dirty looks. They earned them, especially after the con chair maligned the victims repeatedly in the local news by calling them liars and then never saw fit to retract his statements, even after it became obvious Kramer was guilty as hell. Dragoncon and Fandom aren’t the victims here and never will be.

  6. Also, I would like to thank Mike for covering this story when other supposed fan-news outlets did not.

  7. “..when other supposed fan-news outlets did not.”

    Not us we hope. We are seasonal. This season’s news will be up mid-January 2014.

    But we did cover the DragonCon Kramer buy-out last season (and the reason for it).

    We did not mention him by name as he had not then been convicted.

    We will cover this news news in January with our Spring season upload…

    But your point is well taken. Type ‘science fiction news’ into Google and the top 20 sites given are not the best for, and some unrelated to, regular SF news coverage.

    Type ‘”Science fiction news”‘ (in quotes) into Google and things are only a little better.

  8. Nobody here brought up Concatenation, but since you asked — Why were the editors of Concatenation (in your linked story) satisfied with merely repeating the spin-doctored version issued by Dragon*Con’s ownership? Or in a previous story content to accept at face value the ownership’s falsifiable (and as they soon demonstrated, patently false) claim that they couldn’t reorganize the corporation while “involved in any legal dispute”?

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