Kramer Seeks Dismissal

Ten years after being charged with child molestation DragonCon founder Ed Kramer has yet to stand trial. Continuances have been repeatedly grated due to Kramer’s health.

The case took a new turn on September 1 when Kramer’s attorneys filed a motion to dismiss the indictment against him.

Kramer, 49, contends he wants to clear his name, but a number of maladies — which, according to attorney Ed Marger, include emphysema, narcolepsy and a degenerative spine — have made it difficult for him to participate in his own defense. On Wednesday his lawyers filed a motion to dismiss the indictment against their client, one [Gwinnett County District Attorney Danny Porter] plans to fight.

“Since the beginning he’s indicated he wants to go to trial,” Marger told the AJC Friday, “if the judge will give him the accommodations his health issues require.”

But in September 2007 the Georgia Court of Appeals placed most of the blame on the defendant.

“The record strongly indicates that Kramer either sought or knowingly acquiesced in the great majority of the delay and did not want a speedy trial, ” the court said.

The three alleged victims all are now adults, and two of them are serving in the Army.

[From Andrew Porter via Steven Silver.]

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2 thoughts on “Kramer Seeks Dismissal

  1. Just as Roman Polanski’s now-middle-aged victim just wants the whole thing to be over and has requested that the charges be dropped so that she can stop being reminded of it, one wonders what Mr. Kramer’s alleged victims (I use the word “alleged” in the legal sense since it hasn’t been proven in court) want to happen. Has anyone asked these now-adults what they want at this point in their lives, if they want to go to court or if they want to move on?

    It seems to me that their wishes are important here.

  2. I now see that the Atlanta Journal-Constitution issue of September 4th says the two in the Army are still willing to testify in court. Okay, that answers my question about two out of the three.

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