Langford Has Eye Surgery

Dave Langford writes: “I tend not to think of my own doings as news, but if you want to scoop Ansible you are welcome to reveal that I’m recovering from an eye operation on 20 January. Torn/detached retina, getting worse fast. Successful procedure according to the surgeon. But life is still blurry and full of typos.”

How can I pass up an invitation to scoop Ansible? Or, more important, to wish Dave the fullest possible recovery!

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2 thoughts on “Langford Has Eye Surgery

  1. Best to you, Dave…I’ve been there myself, with a reattached retina in my right eye a few years ago. According to my ophthalmologist, my eye has made a full recovery, but I have a developing cataract in that eye, which is to be expected.

  2. I’m sorry Dave has to do this — first his ears, now his eyes. I hope his vision is improved by this — I know another fan whose vision was seriously damaged by the older, pre-laser techniques.

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