Looking Ahead to 2023 Site Selection

Three groups are bidding to host the 2023 con — Chengdu, China, Memphis, USA, and Winnipeg, Canada – and DisCon III’s Newsletter Issue 2 distributed in early September noted the Advance Supporting Membership rate will be announced no later than when the Site Selection Ballot is released to the public. File 770 inquired when that will happen.

Site Selection Administrator Tim Szczesuil says, “The Tech Division is developing the online payment system for the Site Selection Voting Fee. We hope to have it available shortly. As soon as the payment process is complete we’ll release the Site Selection ballot.”

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12 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to 2023 Site Selection

  1. Clicking to keep up with the discussion. Winnipeg in August sounds nice, just from a weather point of view.

  2. Andrew (not Werdna) says Ah. Good point. Mosquitos versus heat and humidity. Tough call.

    Errr, you’re going to be at a Con. Just how much time are you planning on spending on being outside the Con hotel? It’s not like being stationed in the third world where taking anti-malarial meds is a way of life. (And I still got malaria.)

  3. Depends on the facilities I suppose – some cons involve a fair amount of outside walking from place to place. More research (by me) is needed!

  4. Chris R says
    I used to be married to a Winnipegger; I’m pretty sure they can open doors by now.

    … the mosquitos, I mean.

    That I believe.

    Yeah I saw mosquitos in Sri Lanka I swear were big enough to carry away baby elephants. And they travelled in packs. Big packs.

  5. Skyscrapers Dripping in Gardens Look Great — Until the Mosquitoes Swarm
    Quote: “Mosquitoes love water, and Chengdu’s humid climate and months-long monsoon seasons offer plenty of it.” But the towers look wonderful.

    Memphis ranks #8 for most mosquitoes in the U.S.
    It’s in the South, on the Mississippi. If I’m going there, it’s for the music, food and culture, not to get away from the bugs.

    10 Worst Places in Canada for Mosquitoes
    The worst place is Komarno, Manitoba, 70 km north of Winnipeg. The name means “mosquito infested” in Ukrainian. But Winnipeg is not on the worst 10 list.

    When I was there for Worldcon in 1994, I don’t remember mosquitoes being a problem. I was walking around a lot, but only in the downtown area, which has a river going through it but not much in the way of lakes or ponds.

    Bonus: Winnipeg Free Press: Interactive Mosquito Watch

  6. Tom Becker has a quote for us “Mosquitoes love water, and Chengdu’s humid climate and months-long monsoon seasons offer plenty of it.” But the towers look wonderful.

    Daytime mosquitos in the tropics carry dingue fever, nighttime mosquitos carry malaria. Different species. The slang name for the former is break bone fever.

  7. I have been told that there is a skywalk between the main convention hotel and the convention center in Winnipeg. So one could go the entire con without encountering the atmosphere of the small rocky world where it is held.

    I don’t remember mosquitoes the last time I went but I may have never ventured too much out of the convention.

    At least we won’t have censorship worries such as in Cheng du, China. Also the internet should be working. (We cannot Facebook friends in China anymore. No problem between the USA and Canada)

  8. Winnipegger here. Over the years the city has been able to wrangle control of the mosquito problem, and particularly downtown where the potential con would be held, mosquitos are non-existent.

    You decide to skip out of the Con to go to some suburban home and hang out in the backyard or leave the city, well all bets are off and you can kiss your blood goodbye.

  9. The skywalk also links a bunch of the rest of downtown, including another hotel IIRC. I could be wrong — I tend not to go to hotels in my home city — but it’s useful if you are allergic to the sun.

    OTOH, while mosquitoes can be an issue, they tend to be an issue by the river or in green spaces, and walking around outside in downtown or the Exchange or Osborne village (further commercial areas close to downtown and readily accessible by foot or bus), you won’t see a lot of the mosquitoes. You’d be assaulted by more in my tiny back yard than you would at the blocks covered by the Convention Centre.

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