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I was scrolling through SF Signal, a high-energy blog about sf in all media, when the name “Lou Tabakow” leaped off the screen. What was he doing there? You see, SF Signal is where I expect to find someone ranting that Heroes has jumped the shark, or see capsule comments directing me to the latest blog posts by sf writers. I don’t expect to see news about a famous fan of long ago, the patriarch of MidwestCon and OctoCon, one of the original founders of First Fandom.

What was that news? There’s a website where you can read for free “Faithfully Yours”, a good story by Tabakow that Campbell ran in Astounding (1955) and that reappeared in a collection edited by Asimov, Greenberg and Waugh, Tin Stars (1986).

Maybe somebody tipped them to the Manybooks site and coincidentally one of the current posts is Tabakow’s story. But if the folks at SF Signal recognize Tabakow as a newsworthy name, all the better. A tip of the hat to them in either case.

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