Love Letters to Aussiecon 4

The Aussiecon 4 committee has reporters eating out of their hands ever since their announcement that Melbourne will host the 2010 Worldcon.

I think it’s a fairly safe bet that games and science fiction go together like movies and popcorn. Some may not love both but few would disagree the combo works like a charm.,25642,24345513-5014239,00.html

Industry Minister Theo Theophanous said it was a coup for Melbourne to be chosen as the host for the 68th World Science Fiction Convention….

“This science fiction event, Aussiecon 4, has universal appeal and we’re expecting more than 3000 fans to converge on our fantastic new convention centre,” Mr Theophanous said.

Aussiecon 4 Co-Chair, Mr Perry Middlemiss, says this is an exciting time for Australian Science Fiction, and that, given growing interest in the genre, Melbourne is set to see the largest Aussiecon to date.

“In the past ten years the science fiction, fantasy, horror and young adult literary genres have seen significant growth in Australia in both quantity and quality, with many new and established writers gaining recognition internationally. Aussiecon 4 will showcase the work of Australia‘s emerging writers, but will also attract well known and highly acclaimed writers from around the world.”

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2 thoughts on “Love Letters to Aussiecon 4

  1. I was really impressed with the following quote: “Aussiecon 4, secured for Melbourne by the Melbourne Convention + Visitors Bureau (MCVB)…” Somehow I don’t remember seeing them
    cutting up cheese for bid parties for the last 3+ years :->

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