Marianne Van Arnam (1932-2012)

Marianne Van Arnam, widow of Dave Van Arnam who died in 2002, passed away October 30, 2012 at the age of 80. Robert Lichtman learned of her death over the weekend —

She was a member of a small private apa of which Dave had been a member. After his death, she carried on in order to stay in touch with friends though she was never active there herself (no minac requirement).

The OE of that apa wrote me to say that her copy of the latest mailing had come back marked “Vacant – not known.”  I Googled and found one hit, taking me to the Social Security Death Index where she topped the list of dead Van Arnams.

Dave Van Arnam co-chaired the 1967 Worldcon with Ted White and had several sf/fantasy novels published.

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