Marvel Heroes Team Up
With Fortnite Characters
On Covers This Fall

The worlds of Marvel and the Island collide in Nexus War in Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 4. This new season will feature Marvel heroes crossing over with the world of the Fortnite via character skins, weapons, comics – and a new series of variant covers releasing in September and October.

Some of the industry’s top artists including Joe Quesada, Ed McGuinness, Sara Pichelli, Russell Dauterman, and more will showcase Fortnite favorites like Blaze and Carbide side by side with the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the X-Men.

Set in Marvel Comics continuity, the events of Nexus War take place between the panels of Thor #4, which released this past March. To learn more, don’t miss a special 10-page Fortnite/Thor crossover story written by Donny Cates and drawn by Greg Land in Fantastic Four #24.

The artwork for six of the Fortnite variant covers, plus a list of the others, follows the jump.

AVENGERS #36 Fortnite Variant by Sara Pichelli

FANTASTIC FOUR #24 Fortnite Variant by Giuseppe Camuncoli

IRON MAN #2 Fortnite Variant by Marco Checchetto

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY #7 Fortnite Variant by Javier Garron

VENOM #29 Fortnite Variant Aaron Kuder

CAPTAIN AMERICA #24 Fortnite Variant by Ed McGuinness

MARAUDERS #13 Fortnite Variant by Russell Dauterman


  • SAVAGE AVENGERS #12 Fortnite Variant by Adam Kubert
  • THOR #8 Fortnite Variant by Olivier Coipel
  • X-FORCE #13 Fortnite Variant Joshua Cassara
  • AVENGERS #37 Fortnite Variant by Mark Brooks
  • CAPTAIN MARVEL #22 Fortnite Variant by Iban Coello
  • X-MEN #13 Fortnite Variant by Joe Quesada

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With Fortnite Characters
On Covers This Fall

  1. Steve Green: The stench of Marvel’s desperation is making my eyes water.

    That will certainly make it harder to see the pretty pictures.

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