Mayday! Loncon 3 Rates Rising

Memberships in the 2014 Worldcon, Loncon 3, will cost more as of May 1. Full Adult Attending memberships will go from £95 to £105 (US$170/$135). Only the supporting membership rate will be unaffected.

The discount available to London bid presupporters also ends on May 1.

Loncon 3 has released its first Progress Report #1, downloadable here [PDF file].

The full membership rate press release follows the jump.

LONDON, UK. 18 March 2013: On 1 May 2013, membership rates to join Loncon 3, the 2014 World Science Fiction Convention, will be increased as follows:

  –  Full Adult Attending membership rates will increase from £95 to £105 (US$170 / ?135).

  –  Family membership rates, for two adults and two or more children, will increase from £230 to £245 (US$405 / ?315).

  –  Discounts for pre-supporters of the London in 2014 bid will expire.

As part of the convention’s policy to encourage families and children to attend Loncon 3, the following Attending membership rates, based on the person’s age as of 14 August 2014, for Infants (0-5 years old), Children (6-15 years old) and Young Adults (16-25) will remain unchanged:

  –  Infants (0-5 years old) at £2 (US$3 /3).

  –  Children (6-15 years old) at £30 (US$50 /40).

  –  Young Adults (16-25 years old) at £65 (US$110/85).

The rate for a Supporting membership will also stay unchanged at £25 (US$40 / ?35).

Existing membership status can be checked by emailing [email protected].

Loncon 3 memberships are available for immediate purchase at various conventions, at, and by postal mail. Details of a plan for payment by instalment will be announced soon.

Loncon 3 will take place in the ExCeL conference centre in London’s Docklands from 14-18 August 2014. The Guests of Honour cover the fields of fiction, comics, art, criticism, publishing and fandom: Iain M. Banks, John Clute, Malcolm Edwards, Chris Foss, Jeanne Gomoll, Robin Hobb and Bryan Talbot.

Loncon 3 co-chair Steve Cooper said: “The Loncon 3 organisers are thrilled that so many people have already registered for the Worldcon. We hope that many more fans will choose to join us in ExCeL at Docklands in August 2014, and take advantage of the much lower membership rates we offer until 30 April 2013.”

Co-chair Alice Lawson added: “We are very grateful to the many fans who supported the Loncon bid to host the 72nd Worldcon. We urge them to take advantage of the discounted price we offer to our pre-supporters before the 1 May 2013 deadline, as it will not be available after that time.”


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