Mike Returns to the Time Tunnel

SF Signal has posted a new “Mind Meld.” I was lucky enough to be invited to answer a question that’s right up my alley:

Q: Which off-the-air science fiction television show deserves a remake? What changes would you make to update it?

My plan to redo Time Tunnel gives the Mind Meld a climactic ending. (Though it may only be that mine was the last piece to come in before the deadline…)

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One thought on “Mike Returns to the Time Tunnel

  1. I like the idea of a re-boot of The Time Tunnel, but with a similar attitude to the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica. The original Star Trek episode “All Our Yesterdays” took place on the planet Sarpeidon, the star of which was about to go nova, and the entire planetary population (we were told — perhaps not so many were allowed to escape as the Enterprise landing party was led to believe?) escaped to various past eras, increasing the planetary population slightly in those various past eras, but allowing the escapees to live out their normal lifespans provided they were able to avoid being killed in the primitive, less tolerant cultures to which they traveled/were exiled.

    The Time Tunnel would be a desperate government project like Sarpeidon’s, to save some of Humanity from an oncoming, unstoppable planetary disaster, racing against a literal dead-line and dealing with the ethics of Who gets to survive in the past? Who chooses? And by what criteria?

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