More Evidence That SF Is Mainstream

Lots of bad news last week in pro football, so today on Gregg Easterbrook’s Tuesday Morning Quarterback is accompanied by this Sportsnation poll —

Looking on the bright side, in the past week the NFL:

  • Was not hit by an asteroid
  • Didn’t awaken a prehistoric monster
  • Did not start a zombie plague

Why, of course every sports fan will get these science fiction references. Not surprising at all.

The boundary between sf and the mundane is harder to see all the time.

(By the way, 50% of those responding picked “Did not start a zombie plague.”)

2 thoughts on “More Evidence That SF Is Mainstream

  1. On the other hand, in the same column where he lists some Santa Clara landmarks to go with the 49ers new stadium there, he mentions (and links) to California Extreme, a quite good pinball/arcade video game convention in the SC Hyatt/Convention Center, but doesn’t mention Baycon taking place there.

    (And I’d argue that the increasing evidence of football related neurological damage to players can at least be considered in the same ballpark as zombie plague, so I would’ve gone with the asteroid)

  2. I dunno, some football players look like pre-Homo sapiens hominids. And the actions of more than a few are what we think of as pre-historic, pre-civilization.

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