More Photos of Arisia 2020

Photos by Daniel Dern:

Costumes: Three with Shield

(L) Skyevean. (M)? (R) Zornhau

Costumes: At Ease

(L) Capt. Hentchel, (R) Captain Ironborn

Costumes: Sad Flower Hatters

Jana Beagley, Twistpeach, Nightmare Vermont

Costumes: Hats with Horns

More Costumes


Service Dog — Neelix

Fan Tables

Daniel Dern — Your Photographer

One thought on “More Photos of Arisia 2020

  1. The green dragon’s name is Mr. Kerfuffle, and he was volunteering all weekend in Fast Track, and in Operations: Help Desk. This was his first Arisia.
    He will be at Boskone 57 next month.
    His handler,
    Michael Rasnick

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