Mowatt Pubs TAFFworld #1

Twin Planets by Bob Shaw

Twin Planets by Bob Shaw

Auctions and other activities at Loncon 3 helped replenish the coffers of the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund — read all the details in Jim Mowatt’s TAFFworld #1 [PDF file] hosted on eFanzines.

Bob Shaw’s stained glass drew throngs to the Fan Funds Auction. The three pieces on offer inspired fierce bidding, bringing in a total of £790. Mowatt says “Twin Planets 2” (above) was the most sought after.

2 thoughts on “Mowatt Pubs TAFFworld #1

  1. Mike: The “Trans-Atlanta” Fan Fund? Is that a fund that pays subway fare in Atlanta? Don’t you mean “Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund”? Martin

  2. Martin: You’ve saved me again. I wish I’d made that typo back when I was in Myriad, an apa with several Georgia members — we could have had a lot of fun with it.

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