Nancy Nutt Passes Away

Nancy Nutt in 2006. Photo by Keith Stokes.

Nancy Nutt in 2006. Photo by Keith Stokes.

KCMO fan Nancy Nutt passed away October 22. She had seen a doctor recently, who “detected some heart issues” according to Tom Meserole.

Spring_Green_005_small2Her friends testify to her creativity and sense of humor. Just one example is her Cthulhu Ski-Mask crochet pattern. A reviewer noted, “Nancy Nutt’s Cthulhu Ski Mask is decorated with pronounced eyebrows to give it that ‘evil look’ and has a number of tentacles that cover the mouthpiece. So at any point in time you’re on the slopes or at a party and want to want to take a swig of your favorite beverage, there’s no need to even remove the mask. Just part the tentacles like Moses did with the Red Sea and party on, Wayne.”

With a wide circle of friends, Nutt was fan guest of honor at ConQuesT in 1982, Archon 11 in 1987, and Conjuration 1999.

She served as the director of KaCSFFS, the Kansas City sf club, 25 years ago.

Her conrunning resume (as much as I could find with Google) included working logistics at Denvention in 1981 and co-chairing ConQuesT 19 in 1988.

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2 thoughts on “Nancy Nutt Passes Away

  1. I’m overwhelmed. Nancy was great fun to be around. I saw her briefly during this year’s ConQuest and got to talk to her a bit. We hadn’t seen each other in years. I was looking forward to seeing her again at Big Mac 2. I’ll miss her.

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