New Zealand in 2020 Achieves Critical Mass

When the NZ in 2020 Worldcon bid announced it could only continue if 200 NZ and Aussie volunteers committed to work the con if they won, fans around the world held their collective breath.

Fortunately, the Kiwis got the response they wanted:

You know, it’s really amazing what fandom can do. Thanks to everyone’s passing on the message, poking friends, and generally being amazing, we had a brilliant response over the last two weeks.

With the commitments we had from New Zealand and Australia, we are very pleased to say that a WorldCon in New Zealand is definitely viable.

We will post numbers in the next day or two, but we just wanted to initially say thank you to everyone who passed the message on, and especially those who committed.

Although the December 6 message promised the numbers would be released “in the next day or two” they have not yet appeared. Whatever the total may be, it’s apparently big enough.

[Via Petrea Mitchell.]

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