No Bail for “Clark Rockefeller”

The Associated Press reports that Suffolk Superior Judge D. Lloyd Macdonald not only denied a request by Christian Gerhartesreiter, aka Clark Rockefeller, to reduce the $50 million bail set by a magistrate earlier this week, he has now determined no bail will be permitted. The defendant’s attorney, Stephen Hrones, had said authorities could keep track of him by confining him to his home and requiring him to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet. The Judge answered:

“Before me is somebody who by his life appears to have demonstrated a capacity — a very ingenious capacity — to transform himself and to maneuver his way around this country and the world through deception and the exercise of obviously powerful intelligence.”

Gerhartsreiter has been living under multiple identities, including a physicist, a ship captain, and a Wall Street trader, since coming to the United States in 1978. He’s also a “person of interest” in the 1985 disappearance of two LASFS members.

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One thought on “No Bail for “Clark Rockefeller”

  1. I have no inside knowledge of the actions in this case, but want to state that the judge has elegantly captured the need to withhold bail.

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