Not Your Grandfather’s TAFF Race

In case anyone wondered, Graham Charnock didn’t declare for TAFF as a nicey-nice gesture to help make a race for 2011. He’s in this to win!

Charnock has revamped his website with traditional campaign paraphernalia – a poster, a slogan, and campaign promises:

If elected I will happily make a fool of myself at the drop of a hat, sing lots of Astral Leauge songs, and carry on the spirit of British con partying which so terrifies US fans, and report back with full gory details. That’s why you should vote for me for TAFF.

2 thoughts on “Not Your Grandfather’s TAFF Race

  1. @Bruce: If that was your audition as Charnock’s campaign manager, don’t give up your day job… On the other hand, he wouldn’t be the first TAFF winner with those qualifications.

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