Pemmi-Con Filer Meetups on Saturday and Sunday

By Cath Jackel: I’m at the con and have had a chance to look around. Programming starts at 10 am. There will be Filer meetups on Saturday and Sunday morning at NINE a.m. Location will be the Japanese garden/plaza south of the Delta hotel. Go out the front door of the hotel, turn left, and walk half a block. There isn’t seating, but the Carlton Street side has raised concrete planters we can perch on.

BYO drinks and snacks. The Delta has a main floor coffee shop that opens at 7 a.m. both mornings. On Saturday, the Bagelsmith, on 185 Carlton on the way to the plaza, opens at 9 a.m. Their breakfast sandwich is pretty good.

I have red hair and will be wearing a bright blue batik shirt. Looking forward to meeting you!

9 thoughts on “Pemmi-Con Filer Meetups on Saturday and Sunday

  1. I do hope someone does a little reporting regarding the absence of virtual con so far. It’s been frustrating.

  2. Just came back from getting lunch at Bagelsmith. The smoked meat sandwich was great, as was the service, although they offered mustard rather than catsup. As you note, they are open tomorrow, but not on Sunday.

    We ate at Ichiban last night, and if the area is where I think you mean, there was a strong smell of smoke, since that is where the restaurant employees go to smoke. It should be okay in the morning, as they aren’t open yet, but if you are strongly allergic to cigarette smoke, FYI.

  3. I encourage folks who are looking for lunch companions & impromptu hangouts at other times to post here as well. FYI, there are a couple areas with seating between the two halves of the convention centre. There are comfy chairs in the plant-filled skyway going toward the exhibit halls. There’s a section with cafeteria-style tables that looks like it could hold a couple dozen people back in the hub area, on the other side from the (alas, closed) coffee bar.

  4. @Todd Dashoff, nope, not outside Ichiban, stay on street level and keep going, you will see an actual garden a bit further on, on your left.

  5. I saw. Glad to hear it. I’m checking my email regularly. Still nothing, though.

  6. I never made it to Pemmicon, alas. We spent all day Tuesday at LaGuardia, finally got on our 2:22 flight at 4 pm, only to be deplaned around 5. They rescheduled the flight to Toronto to 7 am Wednesday, but there were NO connecting flights to Winnipeg until Thursday. Delta refused to put us on another airline’s flight (which WAS available on Wednesday). And there was no guarantee that the Thursday flight would be available, either. As much as I wanted to be there, I’m too old for this!

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