Poor Trufan’s Almanack:
1979 FAAn Awards

The Corflu history site already lists all the winners of the 1979 Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards. However, the complete slate of nominees and their order of finish is also recoverable.

The 1979 data is listed after the jump.

Nominees for the 1979 Fanzine Activity Achievement Awards reported in DNQ #19 were:

Best Fan Editor
Don D’Ammassa
Mike Glyer
Jeane Gomoll & Janice Bogstad
Terry Hughes
Rob Jackson
Victoria Vayne

Best Fan Writer
Arthur Hlavaty
Terry Hughes
Dave Langford
Tom Perry
Peter Roberts
Bob Shaw

Best Humorous Artist
Jim Barker
Harry Bell
Derek Carter
Alexis Gilliland
Stu Shiffman
Dan Steffan

Best Serious Artist
Jeanne Gomoll
Joan Hanke-Woods
Jim McLeod
James Odbert

Best LoC Writer
Avedon Carol
Adrienne Fein
Arthur Hlavaty
Jessica Amanda Salmonson
Harry Warner Jr.

Best Single Issue
Janus 12/13
Janus 14
Khatru 7
Maya 15
Mythologies 14
Scientifriction 10
Simulacrum 8

Total nominating ballots: 64

Total final ballots cast: 99

1979 FAAn Award Winners

Best Fan Editor: Jeanne Gomoll & Janice Bogstad
Best Fan Writer: Bob Shaw
Best Humorous Artist: Alexis Gilliland
Best Serious Artist: Joan Hanke-Woods
Best LoC Writer: Harry Warner Jr.
Best Single Issue: Mythologies 14

Ranking of the Finalists

Best Fan Editor: (1) Jeanne Gomoll & Janice Bogstad, (2) Don D’Ammassa, (3) Terry Hughes, (4) Rob Jackson, (5) Mike Glyer, (6) Victoria Vayne, (7) No Award

Best Fan Writer: (1) Bob Shaw, (2) Arthur Hlavaty, (3) Peter Roberts, (4) Terry Hughes, (5) Dave Langford, (6) Tom Perry, (7) No Award

Best Humorous Artist: (1) Alexis Gilliland, (2) Stu Shiffman, (3) Jim Barker, (4) Derek Carter, (5) Harry Bell, (6) Dan Steffan, (7) No Award

Best Serious Artist: (1) Joan Hanke-Woods, (2) James Odbert, (3) Jeanne Gomoll, (4) Taral, (5) Jim McLeod, (6) No Award

Best LoC Writer: (1) Harry Warner Jr., (2) Avedon Carol, (3) Adrienne Fein, (4) Arthur Hlavaty, (5) Jessica Amanda Salmonson, (6) No Award

Best Single Issue: (1) Mythologies 14, (2) Janus 12/13, (3) Janus 14, (4) Maya 15, (5) Scientifriction 10, (6) Sumulacrum 8, (7) Khatru 7, (8) No Award

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