Pop-Up Culture

John King Tarpinian tells me it’s not too early to start making my Father’s Day wish list and that my life will not be complete until someone gives me a Darth Vader Toaster. 


Only $49.99 from Monsters in Motion.

Question: Which side of the toast do you butter? It’s an old sitcom joke that a dropped piece of toast always lands buttered-side-down. Where does it land when Darth is on the buttered side? Won’t the Force keep Darth’s face off the floor?

3 thoughts on “Pop-Up Culture

  1. Silly. This only works with pumpernickel. (It’s the dark side of the force.) Not of course, to be rye.

  2. Well, Pop(-Up) Culture is what you got a Master’s degree in, Mike, after all.

  3. To do that experiment, first you would have to smear butter on Darth Vader’s face. (Well, okay, his helmet.) That is an experiment I will leave to others.

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