Post-Worldcon Medical Updates

Three fans who came to the Worldcon are beset by medical problems.

jan howard finder reached Reno but never made it to the convention, as health issues forced him to check into a local hospital. Alyson Abramowitz spread the word at the convention. Fans signed a card for him, and several took time to visit him. finder wrote online that he had surgery on Monday, posting afterwards on Facebook, “A little bit dopier than normal. Order to rest for several hours…”

William J. Patterson, author of the Hugo-nominated Heinlein biography, returned to LA on Monday and posted that he would probably be admitted to Cedars Sinai Hospital. Dr. Robert James explained that Bill had been feeling progressively sicker over the weekend — feverish, exhausted and nauseous.

And former Worldcon chair Michael Walsh reports he had another bout with a kidney stone on Sunday and was taken to an ER in Reno: 

Sunday at 5:30 a.m. or so I gave up dealing with 5 hours of kidney stone pain. Called the hotel emergency line, ended up on a gurney off to Renown Hospital ER. Assorted tests etc. etc., drugs etc. Cat scan revealed a quarter inch stone.

Tuesday off to Baltimore and then to collapse again.

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