Pournelle Keeps Improving

Alex Pournelle snapped a photo of his Mom and Dad as they visited in the hospital on December 21. And he posted to Chaos Manor that Jerry is on the mend following his stroke:

More Motor skills, more speech improvement (at least to me). He is also annoyed at his inability to express himself by typing though I suspect he will be back to banging away pretty quick, at least with 2 fingers.

Tomorrow starts the long term intensive physical therapy and then home adaptation.

Roberta and Jerry Pournelle. Photo by Alex Pournelle.

Roberta and Jerry Pournelle. Photo by Alex Pournelle.

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One thought on “Pournelle Keeps Improving

  1. Speaking from work experience, I can tell you that for safety reasons, in addition to the label, the “Sharps” removable disposal box behind and to the right of Dr. Pournelle’s head in the image should be a bright and contrasting color to reduce the likelihood of someone brushing against it and dumping it, which would increase the possibility of accidental puncture, and preferably translucent so it’s easy to see when it’s approaching full.

    These boxes are supposed to be disposed and replaced without opening and treated as infectious waste rather than regular trash.

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