Ray Bradbury’s Childhood Home

Steven H Silver writes: “I had to run up to the county courthouse in Waukegan to file some paperwork.  Since I was right there, I thought I’d swing by St. James Street and offer you a photo taken, earlier today, of the house in which Ray Bradbury lived until he was about 14 years old and his family moved to Los Angeles.”

The is house at 11 S. St. James St., Waukegan, IL.

4 thoughts on “Ray Bradbury’s Childhood Home

  1. Speaking of Benny, I just watched THE HORN BLOWS AT MIDNIGHT, and started wondering if there was a radio version. There is. It was on Ford Theater in 1949. There was also a Jack Benny radio show where a number of guests try to keep Jack from doing a radio version of “that movie.” And they did it yet again on “Omnibus,” on TV.

    And what do you know? They’re all available for streaming or download at archive.org, so I’ll probably watch and listen to all of them. Not tonight, though. There’s such a thing as overindulgence. (I understand they cut a lot of the gags, and that’s really okay with me, though I’ll miss the twinges.)


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