Renovation Announces At-the-Door Rates

Membership rates for the 2011 Worldcon in Reno will rise on July 18, 2011. Adult Attending memberships will increase from $195 to $220. Other changes and daily membership rates are listed in the full press release, posted after the jump.

Renovation, The 69th World Science Fiction Convention,

Reno, Nevada – August 17-21, 2011

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Reno, Nevada, USA – Renovation, the 69th World Science Fiction Convention, has set the attending membership rates that will apply from July 18 onwards for both online and at-the-door sales, and determined its Day Admission rates.

The following attending membership rate changes for Renovation will go into effect on July 18, 2011:

– The Adult Attending membership rate will increase from $195 to $220
– Converting a Supporting membership to an Attending membership will be $170
– Friend of the Reno Bid conversion from Supporting to Attending will be $130
– Young Adult Membership (17-21 years old on August 17, 2011) will increase from $100 to $120
– The Family Rate (2 adults plus 2 or more dependent children) will increase from $480 to $500.
The Attending membership rate for Children (0-16 years old on August 17, 2011) will remain unchanged at $75.

Day Admissions can be purchased online via the Renovation website from June 20, 2011, or in person at the door. Day Admissions are priced according to the day being purchased and the age of the purchaser.

(Quoted figures are for Wednesday 17 / Thursday 18 / Friday 19 / Saturday 20 / Sunday 21 August respectively).

Adult                   $40 / $50 / $70 / $70 / $30
Reno College     $30 / $40 / $60 / $60 / $20
Young Adult      $20 / $30 / $40 / $40 / $20
Child                 $15 / $20 / $25 / $25 / $15

Renovation memberships are available for immediate purchase at various conventions, at and by postal mail. Full information on all registration and payment options is available at


Renovation is the 2011 World Science Fiction Convention (“Worldcon”). The first Worldcon occurred in New York City in 1939 and Worldcons have been held annually since then except for 1942-45 when there was no event due to World War II. Renovation’s Guests of Honor are Ellen Asher, Charles N. Brown (in memoriam), Tim Powers and Boris Vallejo.

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