Rob Hansen’s Fan Stuff

Rob Hansen, author of the epic British fanhistory Then, has acquired a new online domain,, and made it the new home of his Fan Stuff website.

This is the new, bigger, improved ‘Fan Stuff’ with lots of stuff to explore, though I suspect ‘THEN: The Archive’ will be of most interest to the average timegoggler, be they fannishly or serconly inclined. This is also where the upgraded chapters of THEN will be posted as and when I finish them, of course.  

Fan Stuff includes a link to Hansen’s extremely occasional blog, Fridge Magnet. Only two posts in three years, but they’re golden.

Where else would you learn that Neil Gaiman’s first published illustration appeared in Avedon Carol’s fanzine? Er, besides Making Light, that is, since Hansen originally posted much of the text there as a comment. Did Making Light run the illo itself? You’ll find it at the end of Hansen’s April 2007 post.

The more recent post from March 2009 pokes fun at comic book writers’ ignorance of British geography.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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