Rockefeller Inquiry Continues

Clark Rockefeller now has admitted he formerly went by the name of Christopher Chichester.

All the world has been a stage for accused kidnapper Clark Rockefeller, who finally admitted yesterday that he used the name Christopher Chichester when he tried to break into Hollywood as a movie actor in the 1980s, his lawyer said…

Also, the LA County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau has put out a flyer (link is to a PDF file) showing all three aliases and asking for the public’s assistance in developing information about the 1985 disappearance.

Investigators have revealed for the first time there is bloodstain evidence that may be helpful in solving the case.,0,1869528.story

Bloodstain could offer best evidence in San Marino couple’s 1985 disappearance.

It was found in 1994 in the guesthouse believed to have been used by Clark Rockefeller, now a suspect in a Boston kidnapping case. Sheriff’s Department officials plan to retest the blood.

But the authorities admit they did not retain much of the skeletal evidence discovered in 1994.,0,2655962.story

Much of a skeleton found buried in a San Marino backyard in 1994 was disposed of by the L.A. County coroner’s office a decade ago. But detectives believe the parts that remain will provide an identification if they can find a DNA or dental match.

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One thought on “Rockefeller Inquiry Continues

  1. As sad a story as this is, it’s mega-interesting to follow the tale as it closes in on an end-game where the sucker might be nailed. Nice coverage of the hand of real-life justice as it brushes up against an incident that has had an affect on us. I’ll definitely be looking to follow the story on this.

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