Rockefeller Update

On September 10, a court authorized the district attorney to receive copies of certain documents from the Rockefeller/Boss divorce proceedings.

Christian Gerhartsreiter was living under the name Clark Rockefeller when he was arrested on charges of kidnapping his daughter. He also has been identified as the Christopher Chichester wanted for questioning in connection with the 1985 disappearance of LASFSians Linda Mayfield and John Sohus.

According to the Boston Globe:

The Suffolk district attorney has secured the release of the separation and divorce pacts between the mystery man known as Clark Rockefeller and his former wife, Sandra Boss, Rockefeller’s attorney said yesterday…

“There are affidavits that go into extremely personal matters that are unrelated to the criminal charges,” [Rockefeller attorney Stephen] Hrones said. “The district attorney’s just on a fishing expedition. He doesn’t really need all this other information.”

Boss also opposed the release of information from the divorce file, Hrones said, adding that prosecutors sought the records to present to a grand jury considering an indictment against Rockefeller.

There was also a new charge formally leveled against Rockefeller on September 3:

A man calling himself Clark Rockefeller, who is accused of kidnapping his 7-year-old daughter and is being investigated in a California couple’s disappearance, was charged Wednesday with giving a false name to police.

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