Rusty Hevelin in Hospice

Rusty Hevelin is now in end-of-life hospice care at the VA Hospital in Dayton. The Cincinnati Fantasy Group’s Michaele Jordan wrote:

While his mind is still sharp, his body is shutting down and the pain medications are also taking a toll. How long will we have him? Days, probably; weeks, still possible.

She says visitors are welcome. His address in the hospital is:

James Hevelin (Rm. 140, 9th Floor)
c/o Dayton VA Medical Center
4100 W. Third Street
Dayton, OH 45428

She also believes cards can be sent there.

Lorena Haldeman offers her blog as a place to leave stories and memories of Rusty which she says Gay Haldeman, who is in Dayton overseeing Rusty’s care, can read aloud to him.

Lorena Haldeman wrote:

I love Rusty. He is a rapscallion, and a tease, and gives a good back or foot rub, and he reminds me of a dinner roll because he’s hard and crusty on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. He’s pragmatic, and practical, and is a “show, not tell” kind of guy. I don’t think he’s ever told me he loves me; but he shows up, and isn’t that what love is? He doesn’t need to say the words because he shows you all the time. He’s been to every Christmas, Thanksgiving when we still celebrated it, birthdays when Aunt Gay and I used to have joint parties at Tarrytown or Merritt Island, random month-long visits, both of my weddings, my fathers death, Uncle Joe’s illness. He’s full of stories and I’ve gotten to hear a good portion of them. He’s Santa’s Evil Twin, he’s the Wise Old Man, he’s Gandalf and the Trickster and a librarian and a font of knowledge all rolled into one twinking-eye’d Old Man. He’s the best Grandfather a girl could choose to have.

[Via Leah Smith.]

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2 thoughts on “Rusty Hevelin in Hospice

  1. From Gay Haldeman:

    Rusty passed away quietly at about 8 PM. No funeral is planned—he really didn’t like funerals—but there will be celebrations of his life at several conventions, I’m sure. Thanks for your support through all this. Love, Gay

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